The power and benefits of lemon

PROSA > Useful Tips > The power and benefits of lemon

The power and benefits of lemon

PROSA > Useful Tips > The power and benefits of lemon

Lemon is one of the most important 'must haves' in the home due to its super potential, which translates into an incredible variety of uses. It can be used for cooking, home remedies and cleaning. Not to mention everything from its juice to its flesh and peel, which is rich in essential oils.

The list of uses for lemons is endless, and in this article we'll look at just some of the key benefits for your everyday life.

Benefits of using lemons:

1 - It's great for seasoning various meat or fish dishes, for use in desserts or even for flavouring water and making a simple lemonade;

2 – It is very rich in vitamin C and helps improve the immune system, which helps fight flu and colds;

3 – It is a good agent in preventing premature aging, thanks to its richness in antioxidants;

4 – It has anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to the relief of some pain;

5 – Its diuretic properties help reduce swelling and blood pressure;

6 – It is a good detoxifier for the body and helps you lose weight;

7 – A few drops of lemon juice in warm water, especially when fasting, helps to stimulate the intestine and treat constipation;

8 - Protects organs from degenerative diseases and other infections, and helps prevent some types of cancer;

9 - Speeds up the healing process;

10 - Lemon essential oil acts as a natural air freshener, scenting and purifying the air;

11 - Can be used as a salad dressing in place of vinegar and salt;

12 - It's a good household disinfectant as it has degreasing, bactericidal, fungicidal and insecticidal properties;

13 - It is excellent for cleaning glass and mirrors, soap stains on taps, showers and bathtubs and can even be used on clothing;

14 – Eliminates bad smells in the refrigerator, microwave and trash can.

Do you know more advantages of ‘Super Lemon’?